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Nasal Fracture - Time is of the Essence

Nasal Fractures are the most common fractures involving the face, and are usually
caused by falls or contact sports. You should suspect a fracture any time there is
nasal injury associated with pain, bleeding, bruising, and difficulty breathing through
the nose or a dramatic change in the shape of the nose.

Immediate treatment of a nasal fracture reduces swelling and bleeding:
  • keep the head elevated
  • squeeze the hard boney part of the nose together
  • apply ice to the outside of the nose

A physician evaluation should be preformed as soon as possible to rule out hematoma
of the nasal septum, which looks like a blue or purple swelling. Untreated, septal
hematoma can lead to infection and permanent deformity.

Some nsal fracture are not displaced (out of position) and do not need a procedure to
reduce them. If there is nasal deformity causing a changed appearance or trouble
breathing, the fracture should be reduced within two weeks of the injury.

Prompt evaluation and treatment allows us to achieve the best possible outcome of
both appearance and breathing/sinus drainage.

We would like to see all patients with suspected nasal fracture within a day or so of the injury.